Sberbank introduced a commission for “pulling” money by customers

Sberbank has introduced a commission for transfers in cases where a client transfers money in an application or on the website of another bank to his account from a Sberbank card. From July 1, the commission will be 1.25% – a minimum of 30 rubles, a maximum of 150 rubles. As explained in the press service of the credit institution, this measure should prevent customers from “pulling” funds to cards of third-party banks: “We propose to evaluate the benefits of our own services.”

As for accounts in foreign currency, the amount of the commission will be related to the bank’s exchange rate. The minimum amount will be $1 or €1, the maximum is $3 or €3. The bank noted that “for a long time, operations to withdraw funds to cards of other banks in third-party applications were carried out free of charge.”

“We have improved many of our services and products that fully cover all the needs of customers. Now we are bringing the tariffing for these operations in line with the practice of other banks, which have long limited such transfers to a commission,” explained RBC representative of Sberbank.

Transfers to Sberbank customers in the amount of up to 50,000 rubles per month through Sberbank Online and up to 100,000 rubles per month to customers of other banks through the fast payment system remained free.

Earlier, banks began to introduce a fee for storing currency on current and card accounts. Raiffeisenbank and Tinkoff Bank were the first to announce the innovation. Until September 9, customers will be able to withdraw only those dollars that were credited to their accounts before March 9, 2022, but Russians will be required to pay for their storage.

This approach did not suit the Central Bank, which emphasized that it considers it unacceptable to introduce commissions for servicing a foreign currency account without the personal permission of the client. After that, Tinkoff Bank raised the threshold for free servicing of foreign currency accounts: now you can keep up to $10,000 on your account for free (previously fees were charged for amounts over $1,000.), if it is more, you will have to pay 1% per month.

Other banks are also trying to abandon foreign currency accounts, write “Kommersant” and Banki.ruin order to “not incur unnecessary obligations to depositors in foreign currency.” In some cases, for example, with Sberbank, Alfa-Bank or VTB, this is directly related to sanctions, although transfers, for example, in Kazakhstani tenge or Belarusian rubles, are quite possible under certain conditions.

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