Sanctions against Russia – pilots in the Russian Federation were allowed to brake with the engine to save pads – UNIAN

The fact is that brake pads for aircraft were purchased from partners.

Russian pilots were allowed to brake with the engine so as not to wear out foreign pads / photo REUTERS

Russian pilots were allowed to brake with the engine. It doesn’t seem to affect security. flight.

This was stated by the General Director of the Airport Civil Aviation Association, a member of the Public Council under Rostransnadzor Viktor Gorbachev for NSN.

So, the Russian airlines S7 Airlines, Ural Airlines, Rossiya, Pobeda recommended that pilots use the brake less often to reduce wear.

“Maybe the pilots will slow down with reverse, although it is used during landing, otherwise it will blow the pads at a landing speed of 250-300 kilometers. does not affect, it’s on the ground,” the Russian aviation expert noted.

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According to him, the alleged use of the engine during landing can reduce the wear of aircraft parts. At the same time, he pointed out that with this method of braking, fuel consumption increases, but it is produced in the Russian Federation, but there are no pads.

As UNIAN previously reported, February 24 RF invaded to independent Ukraine and caused a real collapse in the country. The invaders not only seize military units, airports and other strategic facilities, but also shoot at civilians and high-rise buildings of the city.

The European Union and the United States have imposed sanctions that prohibit the maintenance and supply of spare parts for Airbus and Boeing aircraft from the fleet of Russian airlines. Later, the manufacturer of regional airliners Embraer from Brazil joined the sanctions.

Sanctions could lead to an almost complete halt in Russia’s air communication with the outside world, because 90% of the civilian fleet consists of Western-made aircraft.

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