Russia’s war against Ukraine – Duda announced a threat to Poland and the Baltic countries

Poland continues support Ukraine in the war with Russia and has no doubts about our victory. However, President Andrzej Duda notes that if the heroic resistance of our country does not resist the imperial plans of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, Poland and the Baltic countries will be threatened with further expansion of Russia’s influence in Central Europe. He stated this in an interview with the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

“Great Russian ideas about the subjugation of other peoples are not just the ideas of Russian President Vladimir Putin, they permeate most of Russian society. Thanks to Ukraine, this threat is now contained,” Duda notes. “But I think that, unfortunately, in the future this danger will escalate. The only thing left for all of us is to strengthen our own defense security from Russia.”

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Why did the aggressor fail the first stage of the invasion and fail to succeed in the second? What tasks should our army solve at the third stage in order to force the Russians out of Ukraine? What are the consequences of a truce to which Putin will persuade Ukraine? The answers to these questions and the forecast for the coming months can be found in the article by Major General Sergey Savchenko“Are you expecting powerful firepower training and a counteroffensive? This will not happen. Everything has already begun”.

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