Russia’s new offensive – where the occupiers will climb

It is very restless on the border of Ukraine near the Kharkiv region, where the Russian army is increasing the presence of military equipment.

Will there be an attack on Kyiv?  / Screenshot

Putin’s generals are again gathering troops, this time they are forming a strike group, perhaps again to go to Kyiv.

As they say in the plot of the FreeDom project, for this, at the pace of a waltz, the occupiers are gathering a whole military corps – somewhere around 15-15.5 thousand, 200 tanks. It should be ready by mid-August.

It is not known exactly where the Russian occupiers will climb, but military experts have no doubts that there will be an offensive. It is most logical to expect the transfer of this corps to Belarus, but so far it is quiet there, the accumulation of troops is not observed there.

It is very restless on the border of Ukraine near the Kharkiv region, where the Russian army is increasing the presence of military equipment near the village of Sobolevka, Belgorod region. It is brought in whole echelons by rail.

According to military expert Alexander Kovalenko, Russia is not interested in the Kharkiv region in terms of capture. “The Russian Federation has no intention, at least at this stage of the war, to occupy Kharkiv,” he says.

But military expert Oleg Zhdanov has a different version of a possible turn of events: “In the Kharkiv direction, it is quite possible that the Russian Federation will attempt an offensive … But this offensive attempt will not be in order to break through and take Kharkov, but in order to force the Armed Forces of Ukraine expand your efforts.

How Putin’s army will actually behave is not exactly known, but the accumulation of a large number of weapons and the formation of new military corps near the Ukrainian border is definitely not an exercise.

Recall, Russia February 24, 2022 unleashed a full-scale war against Ukraine. The morning of that day began with explosions in many Ukrainian cities. The victims of the invaders are not only the military, but also civilians, because the Russian Federation is bombing residential buildings, hospitals, schools and train stations.

There was no attack on Kyiv, a huge column of Russian military equipment stopped at the suburbs of the capital. The invaders have repeatedly stated that they wanted to “take Kyiv in three days.”

There are constant reports in the information space that Belarus can attack Ukraine and fight against our country on the side of the Russian Federation. In fact, she is silently already doing this, because from the territory of the Republic of Belarus the occupiers have repeatedly launched missiles at various objects in Ukraine.

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