Russian woman Maria Shukshina urged to write denunciations against those who listen to Ukrainian songs

Her statement concerns the repertoire of all Ukrainian stars, but the songs of Verka Serdyuchka and Sofia Rotaru were especially singled out.

Maria Shukshina / Screenshot of the broadcast with her participation

Russian actress and TV presenter Maria Shukshina urged her compatriots to write denunciations against those who listen songs of Ukrainian performers. This is reported by the publication “TVNZ”.

She was prompted to make such a statement by the fact that recently “caring Russians” complained to her about the situation in Moscow: in July, on motor ships cruising along the Moscow River, they loudly listened to the songs of Serduchka and Rotaru. Shukshina believes that this statement is a good “protection on the cultural front.”

“In wartime conditions, I suggest contacting the federal security service,” Shukshina stressed and thanked the “concerned” for their vigilance and “civil stance.”

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