Russian woman and her six-year-old son killed in the Netherlands

According to the Dutch media, on the morning of May 9, the emergency services of the Geldermalsen community received a message about a burning residential building. During the inspection of the building after extinguishing the fire, firefighters found inside the body of a 38-year-old Russian citizen and her son.

On the same day, a pan-European arrest warrant was issued for Marten, who was detained in Germany on the night of May 10, about 300 km from home. According to the preliminary version, the man stabbed his wife and son, then set fire to the house and tried to escape. There is no information about his motives.

Perm edition notesthat Anna Marten was a native of Perm. Since 2011, her friend and former classmate Ksenia Lavrskaya has lived in the Netherlands, to whom the Perm woman often visited. In 2013, the Russian woman met her future husband, Jost Marten, with whom she got married in 2015, at the same time, the couple had a son, Dani.

“Anya and Yost never quarreled. At least I didn’t see it. Of course, there are domestic quarrels in every family. But there were never any fights. Jost is not a quick-tempered and not at all aggressive person, a wonderful loving father. I took care of the child a lot. He adored Anya. Her husband blew dust particles off her, indulged her in everything. There were no prerequisites for this to happen. Anya was happily married, ”Lavrskaya told

According to Lavrskaya, a friend did not tell her if her husband had problems at work or in his personal life, but during the last meeting with a classmate, she did not notice anything unusual.

“I really hope that this is a big mistake of the investigation, and Yost did not do this. Everyone thinks it’s Yost, and he may have just seen the lifeless bodies and fled in a panic, because he was afraid that he would be suspected. I really hope that the investigation will prove that he did not do this, ”added Lavrskaya.

On the page Jost Marten on the social network, indeed, there are a lot of photos where he poses with his wife and son. Among Marten’s hobbies, who identifies himself as the owner of his own company, Russian language study groups are noted, and there are also links to Russian-language jokes and jokes.

De Gelderlander points out that the collection of funds for Anna’s funeral was also started by Lavrskaya, whom the publication mentions in the article under a different, already Dutch surname. The amount of donations as of May 12 exceeded €5,000.

“The death of Anna and Dani left a huge void in the hearts of all who loved them. We hope that we will be able to organize a worthy and respectful farewell at the expense of the funds raised, as well as support other members of her family in Russia, ”a friend of the deceased told Dutch journalists. According to her, after the ceremony, the ashes of the mother and son are planned to be transported to Perm and another farewell will be organized there.

The Geldermalsen community mourns for the deceased Russian woman and her son. Near the store where she worked, a spontaneous memorial arose, to which residents bring flowers and children’s toys, and also leave farewell inscriptions on the pavement. Anna and Dani are remembered as very pleasant people.

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