Russian troops entered Toshkovka

The Russian invaders are already gaining a foothold in Ustinovka, Podlesnoye and Mirnaya Dolina, and are advancing on Belaya Gora.

Russian troops entered Toshkovka / photo REUTERS

The Russian invaders entered Toshkovka and strengthened the fire influence on other settlements of the Luhansk region.

About it informed head of the Luhansk regional military administration Sergei Gaidai.

“It’s hard in the Popasnyansky direction. The enemy entered Toshkovka, which allowed him to increase the fire impact on other settlements. The occupiers are already gaining a foothold in Ustinovka, Podlesnoye and Mirnaya Dolina, they are advancing on Belaya Gora. It is not easy for our fighters to keep the defense in the Gorny area,” he noted.

According to the head of the region, 9 houses were destroyed in Gorny over the past day, 7 in Zolote, and 12 in Novoivanovka.

Earlier, the head of the regional military administration, Roman Vlasenko, stressed that this a week can be decisiveand the fights are even more intense. According to him, all the reserves of personnel and equipment of the enemy from the occupied territories are concentrated on the line of contact.

“Today, according to our information, Toshkovka is completely occupied by the Russians. They are trying to push through the defense of our guys between Mirna Dolina and Gorny. They were stopped yesterday, but the pressure continues,” Vlasenko says.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on June 20, Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Anna Malyar said that there were decisive battlesbecause the plans of the Russians to capture the entire Lugansk region before June 26.

“Now, without exaggeration, decisive battles are continuing in the Severodonetsk region. And the enemy’s plans are to reach the borders of the Lugansk region by approximately June 26. Now the Russian army has thrown virtually all its forces and means in order to storm the settlements around,” she noted.

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