Russian publicist explained how the liberation of Kherson will turn out for Putin

Piontkovsky is convinced of the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which will provoke irreversible processes in the Kremlin.

Kherson liberation will cause shock in Putin's bunker, publicist says / screenshot

The future liberation by the Ukrainian army of the temporarily occupied Kherson will shock both the Russians and Putin’s bunker. After that, the destruction of the regime will automatically begin.

This forecast was voiced by Russian publicist Andrey Piontkovsky on air Radio NV.

According to the expert, the West has finally developed a unified position and no one intends to force Ukraine to make political concessions for the sake of peace.

“This has already been voiced by Zelensky – there will be no negotiations until the Russian army retreats to the line on February 23. This is the red line, without which no one will talk to Russia, but on the contrary, the West will make every effort to supply , training the Ukrainian army so that it can push Russia beyond this line by force,” Piontkovsky stressed.

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The publicist is convinced that it is the withdrawal of the occupying troops to positions before February 24 that will make possible the diplomatic path of the full restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. At the same time, he stressed, Kyiv does not intend to give up Crimea and ORDLO. Russia, according to the expert’s forecast, will go to failure against the backdrop of the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine and the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“I assure you, the liberation of Kherson will already cause a shock both among the Russian deep people, immersed in television propaganda, and in Putin’s bunker itself. And very turbulent political processes will begin in Russia. This red line is the withdrawal of Russian troops to the state of February 23, which the West will seek “This line is incompatible with Putin’s political life. For him, this is a disaster. I think even with Putin’s physical life, this line is incompatible,” Piontkovsky said.

He predicts that it will be possible to talk about this in more detail in about two months, when the Ukrainian troops will master modern weapons.

Earlier, people’s deputy “cyborg” Roman Kostenko explained that the Ukrainian servicemen extremely hard to get on and expel the Russian occupiers from Kherson because of their massive use of artillery.

In turn, military expert Oleg Zhdanov is optimistic about the chances of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to release Kherson before the end of the summer.

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