Russian occupiers launch military transport ferry Mariupol-Yeisk-Mariupol

In August, the Russians launch the military transport ferry Mariupol-Yeisk-Mariupol under the guise of a civilian, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol reports Petr Andryushchenko.

According to him message, last week the Russians announced the launch of the Yeysk-Mariupol passenger transport ferry. The flight was organized by the transport company of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Then its movement can be observed using a special service for tracking the movement of ships – Marinetraffic. According to the service, with the Novorossiysk ferry “Lavrenty” passed through the Kerch Strait to Yeysk and stopped in the port.

But, according to the adviser to the mayor of the occupied city, the ferry will not carry civilian passengers, but will only serve as a military transport commissioned by the Russian Ministry of Defense, and the occupiers do not particularly hide this.

“Our sources from the port report that a separate guard is being prepared for the meeting and the reception regime is quite strict. There will be trucks, but the cargo inside is not building materials,” notes the mayor’s adviser.

According to information Andryushchenkothe Russians have already “camouflaged” their transport and he disappeared from the “Marinetraffic” service.

“Today, Lavrenty disappeared from the radar. Absolutely. There is not even a similar nameless vessel in the waters of Azov. Although the ey publics post his photo from the port, – notes Andryushchenko.

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According to him, the Russians use this tactic when they are engaged in looting, because two of the three ships that exported rolled metal from the Mariupol port were not displayed in the Marinetraffic system, information about them was obtained by visual confirmation.

According to AndryushchenkoBy launching the ferry, the Russians came close to launching a full-fledged military transport base in occupied Mariupol.

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Recall earlier it was reported that Russian infidels turned the Mariupol seaport into a military transport point, where weapons are brought to ensure an offensive in the east and south of Ukraine.

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