Russian husband of Nadezhda Meikher is silent about the war and continues to work in Russia – UNIAN

At the same time, Meikher herself condemns the war in our country.

Husband of Ukrainian singer Nadia Meikher – Mikhail Urzhumtsev – decided to continue working in Russia, despite the war in Ukraine. He is the CEO of Melon Fashion Group in St. Petersburg.

After Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, demand fell on the fashion market, and many brands left the aggressor country. At the same time, Urzhumtsev is confident that the situation will stabilize before autumn.

“On February 23, we thought a lot of things, including in the company, and then we realized that it’s better not to even think about the future. If the situation develops as it develops today, and nothing happens in one or another side, I think that everything will be fine until autumn. Stores will be filled with the goods they should be filled with,” he said on YouTube channel “Done – Enterprising Podcast”.

And if Urzhumtsev is silent about the war in Ukraine and continues to work in the Russian Federation, then his star wife Nadezhda Meikher condemns the bloodshed in our country and shows all the horrors of what is happening on her social networks.

However, she has not yet responded to the statement of her husband.

We will remind, earlier 40-year-old Nadezhda Meikher took a walk without underwear.

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