Russian atrocities in the Kyiv region

In the Buchansky district of the Kyiv region found the body of another civilian tortured by Russian murderers, reported in the National Police of the Kyiv region. The deceased was found in a forest belt near the village of Novoye Zalesye.

The man was dressed in dark winter trousers, a jacket, a jacket and boots. He had an Orthodox cross around his neck. The body was found with a rope around its neck and arms.

“The body was found along with the previous positions of the Russians. The hands of the deceased were tied with a rope with fasteners through the iron carabiner of the tow cable. It was also wound around the neck of the deceased. Everything indicates that the man was strangled before his death, ”the press service quoted Andrei Nebitov, head of the Kyiv region police, as saying.

It is indicated that the experts have already carried out an exhumation and a preliminary examination of the deceased.

“This place is odious, because a civilian killed by the occupiers has been found here for the second time. A few months ago, the body of a murdered migrant from Donetsk was found in the forest nearby,” Vadim Chernyshuk, deputy head of the police department in Borodianka, said.

Citizens were urged to report to the special line “102” if they have information about the deceased person.

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Nuremberg? Mariupol? Bucha? The choice of a place where Putin and other international criminals who are trying to destroy Ukraine and Ukrainians will be tried has yet to be decided. after our victory. But already today we need to look for answers to pressing questions about the creation of a Special Tribunal for the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine. Which? Read the article by Doctor of Law, Professor, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Foreign Policy and Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Alexandra Merezhko “International tribunal for Putin and his henchmen: how to punish them”.

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