Russian airborne units are deployed to Kherson region – Khlan – UNIAN

According to the adviser to the chairman of the Kherson Regional Military District, the occupying forces are being strengthened in order to increase the defensive capabilities of the enemy.

Russia is pulling forces to the south of Ukraine / photo Lyudmila Denisova

In the Kherson region there is an accumulation of Russian troops and these are primarily landing units.

This was announced by the adviser to the chairman of the Kherson regional military administration Serhiy Khlan on the air informational telethon.

He noted that the exact scale of this accumulation of enemy troops is still unknown to him, everything will be indicated in the message of the official sources of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“In the context of the fact that the Ukrainian forces already have a certain advantage on the line of contact and the destruction of the rear reserves of the enemy, the occupier is still transferring his airborne units. What is happening is the strengthening of the occupiers in order to increase their defensive capabilities. There is a strengthening, despite the destroyed logistics and transport arteries for the supply of weapons and ammunition,” Hlan emphasized.

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The adviser to the chairman of the Kherson OVA noted that every Kherson citizen hears and sees the Armed Forces of Ukraine, thanks to their accurate hits on the accumulation of enemy troops and equipment.

“Now, by the way, they say that explosions are again heard at the railway station, where more than 40 enemy wagons were recently destroyed … These are fuel and lubricants and weapons, and ammunition for multiple launch rocket systems. Explosions are heard in the Chernobaevka area. Our Armed forces are consistently destroying absolutely all the rear stocks of the enemy and ammunition, all this is happening along with the effective destruction of field depots and rear stocks of the enemy,” Khlan emphasized.

The adviser to the chairman of the Kherson OVA also spoke about the pontoon crossings and ferries that the Russians are trying to launch after precise pinpoint strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Antonovsky Bridge.

“They actually launched several pontoon platforms near the Antonovsky bridge, which are exclusively dragged by boats from the left-right bank, such a movement takes about two hours in terms. The occupiers mix this movement of their military equipment with civilian transport and, as always, hide behind the civilian population But this (pontoon crossings – UNIAN) is not enough for the occupiers and this is a very big logistical problem for the occupiers,” Khlan said.

As UNIAN reported, on the night of July 27, the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted pinpoint strikes on the Antonovsky bridge in occupied Kherson, destroying the logistics and transport routes of the Russian invaders.

Today, August 2, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense reported that in the Kherson region, at the Kalanchak railway station, Russian invaders staged a smoke screen and blew up their own train.

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