Russia wants to remove protective immunity from Azov residents

Defenders of Ukraine held in Russian captivity may lose immunity from criminal prosecution, deputy prosecutor general warned in 2019-2021 Gunduz Mammadov.

The basis for this will be the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, which The Azov Regiment is allegedly recognized as a “terrorist organization”.

“The decision of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to recognize the Azov Regiment as a terrorist organization actually deprives them of the status of combatants and prisoners of war, lifting their immunity that protects them from criminal prosecution for participating in hostilities. Russia again comes up with fictitious legal constructions”– writes Mammadov on Twitter.

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On July 29, an explosion occurred in the barracks of a colony in Olenivka, occupied by the Russians, killing more than 50 prisoners of war defending Ukraine, 130 were injured. Ukrainian and international experts agree that the barrack was blown up from the inside with a thermobaric weapon. Despite the promises Russia does not allow representatives of the UN and the Red Cross to the scene of the tragedy.

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