Russia uses Wagner mercenary pilots due to lack of people – British intelligence

The Russian Air Force does not provide Wagner with modern avionics equipment.

RF uses mercenaries / photo from UNIAN

British intelligence believes that Russia is using Wagner mercenary pilots because it has a lack of properly trained personnel and combat losses.

This is stated in the intelligence review of the Ministry of Defense of Britain on June 24.

Intelligence believes that the use of retired personnel now under contract to the Wagner group indicates that the Russian Air Force is likely struggling to support an invasion of Ukraine with sufficient crews.

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“This is likely due to a combination of the lack of properly trained personnel in Russia and its combat losses,” the review said.

During his missions, the Russian pilot reportedly used commercial GPS devices rather than Russian military navigation equipment.

This likely indicates that the Wagner pilots’ aircraft are older Su-25 models, and that the Russian Air Force is not providing Wagner with modern avionics equipment.

As UNIAN reported, on June 18, the Ukrainian military shot down Russian attack aircraft Su-25 near Svetlodarsk, Donetsk region. The Wagnerian pilot was taken prisoner.

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