Russia uses maximum bombs and artillery capabilities against Ukraine

Russia has already fired 2,709 missiles into Ukraine.

In Ukraine, two thousand educational institutions were destroyed / photo by

Russia uses against Ukraine maximum bombs and artillery capabilities, so that there was simply nowhere to resist.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said this during communication with students and professors from leading educational institutions in Israel.

He noted that Russia is destroying Ukrainian cities, and the Russian army is completely burning everything in its path and devastating the occupied territories.

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“The main Russian weapons are artillery, aerial bombs, cruise missiles. The occupiers do not try to think how to fight. They have very primitive tactics. They use the maximum of bombs and artillery capabilities so that there is simply nowhere to resist,” he said.

According to him, the vast majority of missiles were fired at ordinary non-military targets: residential buildings, enterprises, infrastructure, and civilians. “As of this morning, 2,709 missiles have already been used against Ukraine. And, given the pace of their use, the total number will reach three thousand very soon. These are not primitive missiles. Yes, some of them are outdated, still Soviet, even from the 60s of the last century. But there are also modern ones,” the President of Ukraine stressed.

At the same time, he recalled that the Menorah in Drobitsky Yar (a tract on one of the outskirts of Kharkov – UNIAN), which stands there in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, was also damaged by Russian shelling. According to him, two thousand educational institutions were destroyed in Ukraine. “Who do you have to be to hit a university, a school, a kindergarten with artillery? Russia has become a terrorist state. That’s the point,” the President of Ukraine stressed.

Zelensky noted that the Russian army actually destroyed the city of Mariupol. “And just four months ago, half a million people lived there. Now several tens of thousands remain there on the scorched ruins. And they are threatened by infections that are simply unimaginable in the modern world. In particular, the same cholera that Vladimir Khavkin fought a hundred years ago “, – he said.

According to him, Mariupol is a city where, week after week, the Russian invaders hide the traces of crimes by burying the remains of the killed people in mass graves.

“And what happens in the territories where the occupiers were able to quickly enter? Civilians are shot there, refugees are killed right on the roads there. People are tortured there. “Thousands were killed or maimed in such camps. The invaders deport Ukrainians to Russia and disperse them in remote regions. And only a few manage to return through third countries to Ukraine,” Zelensky stressed. According to him, the number of internally displaced persons in our country in just four months is more than 12 million people.

Zelensky stressed that nowhere in Europe in the 77 years after World War II was there anything like what Russia did.

Help for Ukraine:

On June 15, 2022, a meeting of the Contact Support Group for Ukraine (the so-called “Ramstein-3”), led by the United States of America, took place. This meeting discussed urgent Ukraine’s needs for weapons.

On June 23, 2022, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the Allies in the Alliance are able to continue supply weapons to Ukraine As much as needs.

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