Russia may start bombing Crimea during its de-occupation

According to Zhdanov, this could happen during the operation to liberate the peninsula by the Ukrainian army.

Zhdanov did not rule out Russian missile strikes on Crimea / photo

Russia after the Ukrainian Armed Forces entered the occupied Crimea can inflict missile strikes on the peninsula.

This was stated by military expert Oleg Zhdanov in interview Natalya Moseychuk.

According to Zhdanov’s forecast, the Russians in this case will resist the Armed Forces of Ukraine and, if possible, remotely influence the peninsula.

“They will not be considered that there are the same citizens to whom they handed out Russian passports. Putin said – do not count the losses among the civilian population, the main thing is to fulfill the military and political task. Therefore, if we advance on the Crimean peninsula, it is likely that that the Russian Armed Forces will carry out fire strikes on the territory of Crimea,” he said.

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He also did not rule out that Ukraine could use Russian air defense systems if it captured them in Crimea.

Earlier, Zhdanov said that the liberation of Crimea from the invaders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine would be carried out not with positional battles, but with the help of maneuver offensive by separate units and subunits.

The Ukrainian peninsula has been under Russian occupation since the spring of 2014.

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