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Today, the birth rate in Russia is lower than in the 1990s. Journalists explained the reasons for the extinction of the population of Russia.

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In Russia, a demographic anti-record has been set since 1945: in April, only 99 thousand children were born, and in four months of 2022, minus 311 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation. This is if you take the number of deaths and subtract those born from it.

In the next two years, even worse is expected – the lowest birth rate in 350 years. This is stated in the plot of the FreeDom project.

The main increase in the birth rate is not due to ethnic Russians, journalists say. And the government program “Demography” with the astronomical 4 trillion rubles does not help.

According to blogger Vladislav Zhukovsky, less than 9.5 people are born per thousand people, and more than 15.9 people die. “It’s really just that we are like a third world country,” he said. According to him, the authorities do not disclose these monstrous statistics.

In 2014, the Russian authorities annexed Crimea and distributed their passports to 2,600,000 residents of the occupied territories. And recently they distributed 300,000 Russian passports in the occupied Donbas.

“The cause of the demographic crisis in the country out of those 16 million natural losses that I spoke about over the past 30 years, a maximum of 1 million can be attributed to the pandemic. The remaining 15 million losses were caused by other factors. The main factor here is the destruction of the family institution,” explained Alexander Sinelnikov, sociologist, professor at Moscow State University.

Earlier, sociologists said that after the end of the war in Ukraine, probably don’t expect a baby boom – a sharp jump in the birth rate, as it was in Europe after the end of the Second World War.

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