Russia is haunted by mystical signs – what do fatal signs mean

Interestingly, the defeat of the cruiser “Moskva” was preceded by signs.

In the Russian Federation noticed a number of mystical signs / photo REUTERS

Falling walls of the Kremlin, tanks that stall in parades, and sinking ships. The journalists of the FreeDom project tried to figure out whether these were accidents or signs of fate.

In Kyiv, a bronze sculpture of two workers, symbolizing the “reunification” of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, was previously dismantled. When it was lifted with a crane, the Russian worker’s head fell off. Many started talking about the fact that this is a sign for the Russians, hinting at the overthrow of Putin.

A bad sign for the president of the Russian Federation was also seen in the destruction of the protective part of the Kremlin wall. This is considered by many to be a prediction of Russia’s defense capability.

The flag of Russia also went to the bottom, to the sunken cruiser Moskva. Conspiracy theorists believe that the flag of the state at the bottom is not a good sign for this state. It is interesting that signs preceded the defeat of the flagship of the Russian fleet.

“The fact that Moscow burned down, drowned and perished is a straightforward prediction of the future for Putin personally,” experts say.

We saw a sign about the defeat of the Russian Federation in the war against Ukraine and in the Armata tank that stalled at the parade in Moscow, which Putin was so proud of.

“All the signs today unequivocally show that Russia is about to collapse,” the story says.

Previously, RosTV showed a whole mini movie about combat psychicwho predicted the outcome of the war. He was dubbed “our grandfather Vanga”.

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