Russia is approaching and shelling the city – UNIAN

At least three civilians are now known to have been injured.

Russia is shelling Lisichansk / photo

The Russian military are approaching Lisichansk, a city under shelling.

Serhiy Gaidai, head of the Lugansk regional military administration, announced this in his Telegram.

“The Russians are approaching Lisichansk, gaining a foothold in settlements nearby … The city is being shelled from artillery, tanks, aircraft. We have at least three wounded civilians, several policemen were injured,” he said.

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Gaidai also noted that the buildings of the police, the prosecutor’s office, and the SBU withstood the missile strikes.

Earlier it was reported that Russian troops have some success in advancing to Lysichansk from South. There is a threat of an attack on the outskirts of Lisichansk in the coming week.

As UNIAN previously reported, Toshkovka in the Luhansk region completely occupied by Russiansthe invaders are trying to break through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The head of the military administration of the Severodonetsk region, Roman Vlasenko, said that street fighting does not stop in Severodonetsk.

Meanwhile, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Ukrainian servicemen courageously defend themselves from the invaders in the future. can release the captured part of the Donbass.

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