Russia has concentrated missile ships, special forces and FSB ships on the “Boyko towers”

The specialist noted that hydroacoustic systems were installed on the “Boyko towers”.

Russian special forces deployed marine and special forces units on the occupied drilling platforms of Chornomorneftegaz. Russian Army continues to be on the platforms to this day.

This was announced by military expert Pavel Lakiychuk for Russian media.

“At first, the Russians were afraid that Ukraine would take their property back. In addition to the Marines, there is also a brigade of missile ships on duty there that provide protection for the area, as well as FSB patrol ships. In 2016, the Russian Federation realized that this facility could be used more rationally, so it installed they have means of monitoring the air and underwater situation,” the expert says.

The specialist noted that hydroacoustic systems were installed on the “Boyko towers”.

“This chain of surveillance points forms a unified system for monitoring the air and underwater situation in the northwestern part of the Black Sea – thus, the Russians not only control this area, but can quickly respond and launch air and missile strikes,” Lakiychuk added.

Recall that the “towers” are on fire, the flame spread to the well.

Attack on “Boyko towers”: what is known

Defenders of Ukraine hit the drilling rigs appropriated by Russia “Chernomorneftegaz”, which are also called “Boyko’s towers”. Now the invaders will not be able to produce gas in the Ukrainian Black Sea.

In Russia already started Throw threats to Ukraine for hitting the “Boyko towers”.

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