Russia does not let the Red Cross to the site of the tragedy in Olenivka, because it is not interested in an objective investigation – Mammadov

Russia does not let the Red Cross into the place killings of Ukrainian prisoners of war by Russians in Olenivka, Donetsk regionbecause she is not interested in an objective investigation, said the former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Gunduz Mammadov in Twitter.

“What does the refusal of the Red Cross to access the site of the tragedy in Olenovka mean, despite the obligations under the Geneva Conventions, tell me? Obviously, this is Russia’s lack of interest in an objective investigation,” he writes.

Mammadov emphasizes that in any case, a thorough investigation should be carried out.

“Even without access to the scene of the alleged crime, digital forensics techniques can be used to investigate. Now numerous facts indicate that the Russian version of the HIMARS strike is bursting at the seams: the damage from the HIMARS strike would be much greater; photographs of the “wreckage” distributed by Russian propaganda were previously used for other newsworthy events; only Ukrainian prisoners of war suffered; according to the photographs of Bellingcat journalist Eliot Higgins, it can be assumed that on July 18-21, new dug graves appeared on the territory of the prison,” Mammadov explained.

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On the day of tragedy Ukraine appealed to the UN and the Red Cross demanding that a mission be sent to the colony to investigate the circumstances of the explosion. Both organizations agreed to send their representatives, and The Russian Federation, which occupied the Ukrainian village, agreed. But representatives of the ICRC could not get into the territory of the colony.

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