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Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki expressed confidence that Ukraine will survive in a full-scale war of conquest unleashed by the Kremlin, “even if Russia strikes again, even if it manages to absorb some part of the territory of Ukraine.” He stated this during the celebrations in memory of the Warsaw Uprising, writes Polish radio.

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“Russia will not be able to destroy Ukraine,” Morawiecki expressed confidence.

As the head of the Polish government put it, the Warsaw insurgents “did not choose between freedom and enslavement, they chose between freedom and destruction, because obedience meant consent to the destruction of our people.”

“He who does not join the battle loses at the start. The one who enters the battle gives himself a chance to survive. And this is certainly a lesson in the war against Ukraine,” the Prime Minister said.

REFERENCE. The Warsaw Uprising, which broke out on August 1, 1944, was the largest underground military operation of the entire war in Nazi-occupied Europe. In the Polish capital, up to 50,000 insurgents joined the fight. Planned for several days, the uprising lasted more than two months. Due to the stop of the Soviet offensive on the outskirts of Warsaw, the Germans managed to regroup and suppress the uprising. About 18,000 rebels and up to 180,000 civilians were killed. The Germans expelled the surviving Varsovians from the destroyed city.

According to him, as in the history of the Warsaw Uprising, on February 24 – the day of Russia’s total attack on Ukraine – “resistance and struggle seemed completely pointless: Ukraine was supposed to fall in a few days, no one gave it a chance against the former empire.”

“Despite this, Ukraine endures for the next months. And although the outcome of the war is still unknown, I already know that Ukraine will survive. The Ukrainian people were reborn thanks to this war, found in themselves a faith that they probably never had, found hope in themselves and courage, and most of all he proved to himself that willpower is able to stop the verdicts of history,” Morawiecki emphasized.

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