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The Foreign Ministry of the occupying country says they support Beijing.

Russia commented on Pelosi's visit to Taiwan / getty images

Russia is considering expected visit Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi on Taiwan as a “provocation” and pressure on Beijing.

This was stated at a briefing on August 2 by the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, informs Reuters.

“We do not support the independence of the island of Taiwan from China in any form,” Zakharova said.

Recall that Taiwan is actually a separate state from China with its own constitution, army and democratically elected government. Taiwan has been recognized by fourteen small states.

At the same time, China considers Taiwan its province. Some Taiwanese politicians are proposing a formal declaration of independence, but China is threatening war in such a case.

As reported, Taiwan increased military readiness for the duration of the expected visit of Pelosi.

More sorties were flown from Chiayi Air Base. In particular, F-16V fighters took off fully armed with bombs and missiles. And eight Mirage 2000 fighter jets arrived at Taitung Air Base to reinforce the deployment.

On Tuesday morning, Beijing closed the skies over Fujian province (the closest one to Taiwan). They announced the cancellation of a large number of flights scheduled for Tuesday. In addition, Beijing announced regular military exercises during the proposed visit.

On the morning of August 2, Chinese warships appeared off the east coast, according to local media. A Chinese missile destroyer and missile frigate have been found 45 nautical miles (about 80 kilometers) southeast of Taiwan.

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan: what you need to know

According to Taiwanese media, Pelosi will begin his visit to Taiwan around 5:30 p.m. ET. She is supposed to leave the island tomorrow.

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China has stated that will respond with “drastic measures” if Pelosi travels to Taiwan, and also noted that he “strongly objects” to a possible visit.

On the eve of the proposed visit, Beijing warned of “egregious political consequences.” Chinese officials also said the nation “will not sit idly by” if Beijing feels its “sovereignty and territorial integrity” are under threat.

The American side has not officially confirmed Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Her Asian tour includes visits to Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, some of which have already taken place.

If the visit to Taiwan goes ahead, Pelosi will be the first senior US politician to visit Taiwan in 25 years.

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