Rocket attack on Kharkov – Civilian objects suffered

The head of the Kharkiv OVA stated that Russian troops launched two missile strikes on Kharkov on Wednesday, August 3, preliminary – from the S-300 air defense system. The missiles were launched from the territory of Belgorod.

“In the Kholodnogorsk region, an enemy missile hit the ground. In Novobavarsky, a missile hit the territory of a civilian industrial facility. According to preliminary information, there were no casualties,” Sinegubov said in a statement. Telegram.

On August 2, Russian troops fired on Bogodukhovsky, Chuguevsky, Kharkov and Izyumsky districts of the region. Residential buildings damaged. Warehouses of an educational institution were damaged in Chuguev. In the Zolochiv community, a private house was on fire as a result of shelling.

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With each new missile attack, with each new school destroyed, the senselessness of Russia’s aggression becomes more and more obvious. And yet, attempts to find hidden content in Putin’s actions do not stop. The world is still trying to understand why Russia unleashed this war. And more often than not, he draws the wrong conclusions. Read about it in the article Sergei Korsunsky “The Allied Mistake: What the West Never Realized About Putin’s Madness.”

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