residents of Mariupol take apart the ruins of houses for food – UNIAN

In Mariupol, the Russian invaders burned to the ground a total of 1,356 multi-storey buildings, destroyed 50% of all city buildings and 90% of the city’s infrastructure.

Local residents are sent to dismantle the rubble / photo REUTERS

The occupiers offer residents of Mariupol to sort out the rubble for food and water.

As an UNIAN correspondent reports, this was announced during a briefing by the mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boychenko.

According to Boychenko, in Mariupol, Russian invaders burned to the ground a total of 1,356 multi-storey buildings, destroyed 50% of all buildings in the city and 90% of the city’s infrastructure. According to conservative estimates, 22,000 residents were killed in Mariupol.

“The occupiers involve the local population in the work of removing the rubble. As a payment, the residents are given water and some food. To restore their houses, local residents are offered to sign a document stating that their housing was destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But even after signing, nothing happens, because they demand new and new certificates that cannot be obtained,” Boychenko said.

The mayor also said that the sewage of the city pollutes the wells from which people are forced to take water today.

“The occupiers announced that they are closing the city for quarantine. They do not allow people to access water bodies and the sea, they order all food to be treated with boiled water. They fenced themselves off from Mariupol residents because they are afraid of infectious diseases,” he said.

Boychenko noted that the occupiers are creating so-called morgues in former shops or other outbuildings near the points of distribution of humanitarian aid. At the same time, humanitarian aid is not distributed to everyone. For example, the elderly and the disabled should come and receive help themselves.

Every day, up to 120 Mariupol residents manage to be evacuated from the city, but this is only possible thanks to volunteers.

“Now, in order to enter the city, you also need to go through filtration. They issue a certificate for a limited period, which must be renewed,” the mayor said.

Recall that in the occupied Mariupol people for four hours stand in the heat in line for bread. Also in the city started to rob pensioners.

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