Renaming streets in Kyiv – KSCA published the results of voting, document

June 21, 2022, 12:33


The final decision will be made by the deputy corps of the city council

Ukrainian Heroes instead of Leo Tolstoy: what will the streets of Kyiv be called after de-Russification

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In the application “Kyiv Digital” yesterday Voting for new names of streets and infrastructure in Kyiv has endedwhich will be changed as part of the de-Russification policy. Press service KSCA shared the results of the voting, during which they collected a total of 6.5 million votes.

296 objects selected by the expert commission took part in the voting. The results will be submitted to the same commission for consideration. Subsequently, on the basis of expert findings, the deputy corps of the Kyiv City Council will decide on the renaming of city facilities.

How will street names be changed in Kyiv now?

  • Zholudeva street – to Alexander Makhov street
  • Belomorskaya street – to Ekaterina Gandzyuk street
  • Volgogradskaya street – to Roman Ratushny street
  • Leo Tolstoy street – to the street of Ukrainian Heroes
  • Dostoevsky street – to Andy Wargol street
  • Turgenev street – to Mikhail Osadchiy street or to Engineer Fuchs
  • Mikhail Bulgakov street – to Peter Gulak-Artemovsky street
  • Pushkinskaya street – to Evgenia Chikalenko street
  • Moskovskaya street – on the street of Princes Ostrozhsky
  • Tulskaya street – to the street Heroes of the UPA
  • Akademika Tupolev street – to Aviation
  • Vatutina street – to Territorial defense street
  • Yuri Gagarin Avenue – to Leonid Kadenyuk Avenue
  • street of Heroes of Sevastopol – on Academician Shalimov

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More details about the issue of renaming the streets of the capital on the pages ZN.UA understood Alexander Sergienko in the article “Renaming the streets of Kyiv. Do not follow the path of oblivion.”

Prepared by: Victoria Khmilevskaya

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