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International Committee of the Red Cross declaredthat did not guarantee the safety of the defenders of Mariupol, who were in the hands of the enemy, “because it is not in our power.”

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The ICRC says that, as a neutral intermediary, they facilitated the safe exit of soldiers from the Azovstal plant in coordination with the parties to the conflict.

“We did not guarantee the safety of prisoners of war in the hands of the enemy, because it is not in our power. We made this clear to the parties in advance. The parties to the conflict are obliged to ensure the protection of prisoners of war from acts of violence, intimidation and public attention, as well as from the consequences of hostilities. Only the parties conflict can finally ensure the safety of prisoners of war,” the statement said.

The ICRC noted that the committee is still No access to all prisoners of war, including those held in Yelenovka.

At the same time, they reported that they visited the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka once, in May of this year, to deliver water tanks. “But we did not have access to the prisoners of war held there on an individual basis – in accordance with the methods of work of the ICRC in places of detention …”, the organization said.

  • An explosion occurred in the prisoner of war camp in Yelenovka, as a result of which, according to data Office of the Prosecutor General, about 40 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, another 130 were injured.
  • The Russians accused Ukraine of shelling the colony. Ukraine claims that it did not hit Yelenovka, and the explosion was the work of the invaders themselves. By data SBU, the Russians could have staged a terrorist attack by detonating explosives planted in the premises of the colony.
  • August 3 at GUR declaredthat the Russians tortured prisoners of war in Yelenovka and killed them to cover up their crimes.
  • UN Secretary General António Guterres declaredthat the UN is setting up a group to study the explosion.

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