Putin’s regime is at the beginning of its end

There are many factors that could negatively affect the Russian economy, including sanctions.

During the 22 years of Putin's rule, very little has changed in the Russian economy / photo REUTERS

The regime of the Russian president Vladimir Putin is at the “beginning of its end” against the backdrop of an unsuccessful invasion of Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by the Norwegian political scientist, an expert in the Russian direction, Ewen Norman, writes Newsweek.

He pointed to a variety of contributing factors that could negatively affect the Russian economy, including sanctions, the flight of companies after the invasion, and a decrease in the willingness of other countries to accept Russian exports.

“During the 22 years of Putin’s rule, very little, if anything, has changed in the economy. And I’m amazed that a seasoned Marxist like Putin simply doesn’t understand that material factors matter,” Norman said.

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According to him, it is difficult to predict exactly when the Putin regime may collapse and what consequences this will have.

“His regime has done a solid job of rooting out organized liberal thinking and work in Russia. This is bad for the country, good for the Putin regime,” Norman said.

We will remind, earlier the Austrian military expert Tom Cooper said that the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during the war against Ukraine disarms the army of his state.

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