Putin’s estate in Karelia – an investigation into a secret luxurious “hut” was published

At the disposal of journalists were thousands of letters leaked from two construction companies that were engaged in arranging the territory around a luxurious two-story building.

Vladimir Putin / photo REUTERS

Journalists published an investigation into a luxurious residence in Karelia near Lake Ladoga, which is associated with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Investigation conducted by journalists OCCRP and “Meduzy” on the basis of documents from construction companies that were engaged in landscaping the area around the estate.

It is noted that the connection between Putin and the mysterious residence was told in 2016 by the Dozhd TV channel. On the website of the architectural agency where it was designed, the house was called “fisherman’s hut”.

Dozhd employees found out that the building and the surrounding area belonged to several companies controlled by Yuri Kovalchuk, a friend of Vladimir Putin and the main shareholder of the Rossiya bank, which is often called “Putin’s bank.” It is believed that he serves the personal interests of the president.

OCCRP has now obtained thousands of letters leaked from two construction companies that were landscaping the area around the “fisherman’s hut”

“Among other things, the leaked letters contained layouts, drawings, design projects and other materials that testify to the luxury of the “fisherman’s hut” complex … A two-story futuristic building with an undulating roof, spacious rooms and a large-scale outdoor dining area looks more like a reception house “The large open-plan living room occupies more than 200 square meters. A glass partition separates it from the kitchen, equipped with a barbecue, a cauldron, a tandoor, a tepan and a smokehouse, like in an expensive restaurant,” the investigation says.

Journalists published an investigation about Putin's estate in Karelia / photo

The investigation indicates that despite the modest name “Garden House”, the project is luxurious: among the finishing materials are natural semi-precious stones lapis lazuli and labradorite. A large section of the floor is covered in Fior di Bosco marble, estimated at $110,000.

“It is difficult to estimate the cost of the facility, but OCCRP has an estimate for general construction work dated June 2015 in the amount of 187 million rubles (up to $ 3.5 million),” the journalists said.

It is noted that the house has its own brewery. With Austrian equipment worth 345,000 euros, 47 liters of beer per day can be produced here. And on the second floor there is a tea room overlooking Lake Ladoga. Through the glass partition from the room you can observe the process of brewing beer.

“There are two small pools next to the building. From the house, a path leads to a natural waterfall that flows into the bay, where a secluded gazebo is equipped. The waterfall used to be a tourist attraction, but now the path is closed to visitors,” the journalists learned.

In addition, it is indicated that there is a cattle breeding farm on the territory of the site, where bulls are raised for the sake of marbled beef.

Journalists published an investigation about Putin's estate in Karelia / photo

The journalists added that according to satellite imagery, the construction of the main building was completed by August 2012. However, in general, construction work on the site has not been completed. According to the leaked documents, in the summer of 2021, another house began to be built nearby overlooking Lake Ladoga.

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