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Ross told what health problems the Kremlin dictator is experiencing.

According to Ross, Putin's condition is extremely difficult / screenshot

Russian dictator’s health problem Putin lies in the uncontrollability of the limbs and articulatory apparatus.

This was told by the famous astrologer Vlad Ross, reports “Apostrophe”.

According to Ross, Putin sometimes falls into a state of “stupor” and is unable to control his own body movements and speech. Because of this, the astrologer believes, Putin’s annual conference with the Russians, which traditionally lasts up to six hours, was canceled.

“Indeed, he does not control his legs, they are constantly moving with him. So he can suddenly fall into a stupor, say nothing at all, not speak, stutter. Therefore, this annual situation where he answers a question was canceled – a conference designed for five or six hours – because Vladimir Putin cannot manage his own health,” the astrologer said.

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Ross also argues that at a recent economic forum in St. Petersburg, there was a real Putin, not a doppelgänger. But there is one nuance – the dictator, according to the astrologer, “was stabbed with all the medicines, without which he cannot do without.”

“Putin was ‘in ecstasy’. They injected him with ecstasy, it lasted 1.5-2 hours” at the St. Petersburg forum. Death creeps up unnoticed. If a person who has the fourth stage of cancer has already begun such situations where he needs to be pumped out when he has metastases, then, apparently, he does not have long to live, “the astrologer predicted.

Ross also named the exact date of the turning point in the war and predicted when it ends.

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