Putin riding a tank appeared in New York’s Central Park

August 03, 2022, 23:11


The bright red sculpture of a street artist really liked the kids.

Putin riding a tank appeared in New York's Central Park

Screen shot of the BBC video

“Putin on a tank” appeared in New York’s Central Park. A video of a funny purple sculpture was published by the Russian service of the BBC.

The figure is set in a children’s sandbox, and kids test it for strength in various ways. In particular, they are trying to tear off the gun barrel of a toy tank between the legs of a plastic Russian dictator.

The author of the sculpture is a French street artist James Kolomina. Previously, the sculpture was exhibited at playgrounds in Barcelona and Paris.

In April 2021, in Prague, opposite the Russian Embassy, ​​activists installed a sculpture of Putin sitting on a golden toilet bowl.

Prepared by: Julia Melnichuk

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