Putin rating – How many people in the world trust Russia and the Russian president

Russian President Vladimir Putin became the most unpopular politician in the world. In particular, only 9% of respondents approve of the head of the Kremlin, while 90% of respondents expressed complete rejection of his policies. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the research center Pew Research in 18 countries.

This is the largest drop in international support for the Russian president in twenty years of polls. In Russia, public opinion has not been studied.

Putin is mostly supported by right-wingers. In particular, the attitude of Europeans towards the head of the Kremlin is directly related to their political views. Supporting right-wing populist parties in their country are more likely to be confident that Putin is doing the right thing. For example, among the Greeks who have a positive attitude towards the Greek Solution party, 55 percent highly appreciate the policy of the head of the Kremlin.

Similar trends can be observed among supporters of right-wing populist parties in Germany, Britain, France and Sweden.

However, while supporters of right-wing populist parties view Putin more positively than their political opponents, trust in Putin within this group has declined more sharply since 2021.

A similar pattern exists with respect to general ideological inclinations. In 2021, there were big ideological divisions towards Putin, with representatives of the right-wing political spectrum expressing more confidence in him than those on the left. In the current poll, trust in Putin has plummeted among the right, and in many countries both groups have equally negative attitudes towards the Russian president.

The general attitude towards Russia has changed

On average, 85% of respondents in 18 countries express a negative opinion of the Russian Federation, with the majority claiming to have a “very negative” opinion of Russia.

In almost every country surveyed, at least seven out of ten respondents have a negative opinion of the Russian Federation. Malaysia is the only exception; the opinion of the local population is more ambiguous. In the country, only half of the respondents have a negative attitude towards the Russian Federation.

Poles are especially critical of Russia: 97% of those polled have a negative opinion, including 91% very negative.

Since the issue was last surveyed in 2020, there has been a sharp decline in positive attitudes towards Russia in the world, with record low poll numbers in all 18 countries expressing a positive view of the Russian Federation.

In almost every country surveyed, commitment to Russia has fallen. In Italy, Greece and Poland, positive views of Russia have fallen by more than 30 percentage points since the last poll.

The level of confidence in US President Joe Biden in the world is also declining

In particular, according to the survey, the level of German confidence in Biden in 2022 has dropped markedly – to 64 percent compared to 78 percent last year. In other European countries, this figure has also declined, although the policy of the US leader is still approved by the majority of respondents.

In the UK, Biden’s approval rate has dropped to 56 percent, in France to 53 percent, and in Spain to 56 percent. However, according to the study, the average level of approval of the policy of the American president among the countries surveyed is 60 percent. Biden has the highest approval in Poland, at 82 percent, and the lowest in Greece, at 41 percent.

It is noted that the study did not include questions that directly measure opinions about how Biden reacts to the Russian war against Ukraine. Analysts cite the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan as the reason for the fall in Biden’s popularity.

Biden’s high ratings in 2021 can be partly explained by people’s reaction to the resignation of his predecessor, Donald Trump, researchers say.

European Leaderboards

According to the survey, 62% of respondents approve of the activities of French President Emmanuel Macron and 59% of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. It is noted that Scholz is less popular than his predecessor, Angela Merkel. In part, this may be due to the fact that some respondents do not know the new chancellor, the authors of the study believe. Chinese leader Xi Jinping is positively assessed by 18% of respondents.

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Earlier it was reported that the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine radically reduced support of Russian President Vladimir Putin among citizens of Eastern European countries. This is evidenced Globsec Trends 2022 researchanalyzing sentiments about NATO, Russia, China, as well as the war in Ukraine among the inhabitants of the eastern part of the European Union.

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