Putin ordered to take Kharkov – but he is unlikely to achieve these goals – ISW – news from Ukraine, Regional news

According to analysts at the Institute for the Study of War, the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin some time ago, probably ordered his occupying army to take Kharkiv and a part of the region free from invaders, “but it is unlikely that he will be able to achieve such goals.” About it ISW reported in a summary on 31 July.

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Couple of weeks and also two days ago analysts made a similar predictionbelieving that the Russian Federation will simply try to gain a foothold in the region until September to hold their fake “referendum”.

This American think tank reported that the occupiers have resumed local ground attacks to the northwest and southwest of the captured Izyum “and may be creating conditions for offensive operations further west, into the Kharkov region or towards Kharkov.”

Watch the video: “We wanted to break through, it turned out to break.” Russian tank attack thwarted near Izyum

ISW clarified that in recent days the Russians have made unsuccessful assaults and attempts at reconnaissance in force at Chepil, Shchurovka and Gusarovka (northwest of Izyum) and renewed assaults on Dmitrovka and Brazhkovka (southwest of Izyum).

Since the invaders have been holding positions in the area of ​​Balakliya and Bolshaya Kamyshevakha for several months, they, according to the ISW, can allegedly use these two areas as springboards to resume the offensive operation, including for the assault on Kharkov from the southeast.

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“It is highly unlikely that Russian forces will capture the Kharkiv region or the city of Kharkiv, the second most populous city in Ukraine, given the pace of Russia’s advance in the Donbas and the ongoing problems with force generation and logistics,” the ISW stressed.

Another option, according to the center, is that the Russians can carry out provocative attacks in order to prevent a counteroffensive by Ukrainian troops.

  • satellite photos for July 30: Russia continues to pull troops to the border near the Kharkov region.
  • In St. Petersburg and the region form battalions “volunteers” for the war in Ukraine, writes ISW.

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