Putin is preparing Erdogan for the role of the main “herald of the world” – political scientist

Erdogan began to repeat exactly Macron’s calls: “no need to humiliate Russia”, “we need to let Putin save face”, etc. this opinion was expressed by the Russian opposition political scientist Andrey Piontkovsky, reports Radio Liberty.

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“Putin is now preparing Erdogan to take the place of the troika Macron, Draghi, Scholzwho traveled to Kyiv on June 16 and tried to force Ukraine to sign a surrender agreement. Now the main mouthpiece of the world will be Erdogan, and he has already taken this role upon himself and began to repeat Macron’s memes with accuracy: “No need to humiliate Russia! We need to let Putin save face,” quote the political scientist.

He also noted that Erdogan is “a very amazing member of NATO, of course, absolutely not meeting all the principles, ideals of this organization, but he is kept there because they take into account the straits, the Black Sea … It is better to keep him on your side in confrontation with Russia.”

For more than five months of the so-called “special operation” on the territory of Ukraine, the possible losses of the Russian army, according to various sources, amount to more than 75 thousand people killed and wounded.

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