Putin is going to Belarus to “squeeze” Lukashenka to join the war against Ukraine

The President of Russia urgently needs Belarus to open a second front, said Oleg Zhdanov.

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko / photo REUTERS

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is going on a visit to Belarus to put the squeeze on Alexander Lukashenko to enter the war against Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by the well-known military expert Oleg Zhdanov in an interview. TSN.

“This is the only purpose for which Putin travels to Minsk. Obviously, he realized that Lukashenka cannot be persuaded by summons to the carpet to the Kremlin. And every time Lukashenka goes to his home, he feels like a fish in water there. And that is why Putin is going to pressurize,” he said.

“The fact is that the Russian Federation is running out of steam. And no matter how hard it is for us today in the Lugansk direction, we see that there is no longer that offensive potential that was back in May-April. Today they (the Russian Federation) have no operational reserve “, it takes time to create it. Putin urgently needs Belarus to open a second front, start hostilities, tie up part of the forces of the Ukrainian army in the north east and thereby pull back our troops,” the expert added.

Zhdanov also noted that Lukashenka is now actively seeking the support of the West:

“Maybe this also prompted Putin to go and sort things out on the spot, to put pressure on Lukashenka in order to smear him with blood and force him to join this war.”

Previously it was reported that Putin travels abroad for the first time since the beginning of a large-scale war in Ukraine. He is going to the Forum of Regions of the Common State, which will be held in Grodno (Belarus) next week.

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