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The psychologist claims that Medvedev’s publications on social networks contain quite sincere emotions of a man who has been oppressed year after year.

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Former President and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, and now Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedevwhich is popularly called “Dimon, “Vizir”, “iPhone”, has the features of a maniac.

Ukrainian psychologist Elena Shershneva came to this conclusion after analyzing Medvedev’s biography. She voiced her arguments on her own YouTube channel.

The specialist explained that this was due to his early childhood and the choice of his wife in particular.

“On September 14, 1965, the boy Dima was born in the city of Leningrad. The boy’s mother taught at a pedagogical institute, his father was a respected professor. Dima was the only and rather late child in the family. Therefore, intelligent parents had the highest hopes for him and Dima had these hopes from the very performed early childhood,” the specialist says.

According to her, Medvedev spent all his time studying and was exemplary, without bad habits, and he met his wife and the only girl in his life while still in the first grade. According to the psychologist, such exemplary behavior is rather strange.

“This is either an introvert on the verge of a schizophrezoid disorder, or a total oppression of one’s “I”. Moreover, Medvedev listened to hard rock and heavy metal,” Shershneva said.

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She stressed that Svetlana Medvedeva (maiden name – Linnik) is the exact opposite of Dimon. They say that she created all the conditions for her husband for a political career.

“The daughter of the military Svetlana was confident and strong and had a firm and domineering character. Thus, Dmitry again found himself in an environment where he had to obey.

The psychologist claims that Medvedev had no ambitions of his own, but at a certain point his career skyrocketed, which he explained by “coincidence”, being a simple teacher. Having passed a relatively easy path from a teacher to the president, thereby justifying the expectations of his wife, in particular, he became only the legal head of the Russian Federation. What was pleased not only with his wife, but also with Vladimir Putin himself, who managed to maintain his power on the throne.

In 2020, Medvedev was sent into “retirement” and then he went on a binge for 2 years, from which the war in Ukraine brought politics.

“For the first time in his life, he could be both comfortable and not restrain his aggression,” the expert emphasized.

This, in fact, is clearly evidenced by his posts in the Telegram channel. There, Medvedev does not hide his hatred for the world and threats to wipe everyone he does not like from the face of the earth. The psychologist claims that these publications contain quite sincere emotions of a person who has been oppressed year after year.

“A man who is quite cruel, aggressive, bloodthirsty, but who was forced to be comfortable, quiet, submissive. A man who can no longer restrain his inner demons. It looks like a portrait of a maniac, doesn’t it? And Dmitry Medvedev really is like that. Oppressed by authoritative parents, rejected by peers, leading his wife and his political master, dismissive of the whole Ukraine… At the same time, he is inclined to listen to aggressive music, call for a nuclear war and write bloodthirsty posts about the return of the death penalty and hatred for the mysterious “them,” summed up Shershnev.

Earlier, Dmitry Medvedev said that Ukraine may cease to exist for two years.

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