Psychic predicted serious danger to Ukraine on June 28 – UNIAN

On June 28, key events may occur.

On June 28 Ukraine celebrates Constitution Day. What awaits us on this holiday and why we need to be careful – said psychic Roman Sheptytsky.

He made a deal on Tarot cards and determined that it was on June 28 that Russia could launch missile strikes on Ukraine. He also noted that the Kremlin’s propagandists may again “throw” some kind of fake.

“There may also be a breakdown of some agreements, and this will lead to an offensive by the invaders. There will be an increased threat. At the same time, closer to the middle of summer, Russia will want to enter the negotiation process. On June 28, key events may occur that, in a sense, will motivate the Russian Federation to enter the negotiations. But still, Ukraine should expect provocations,” Sheptytsky said on his YouTube channel.

Recall, earlier astrologer Dmitry Uranus declaredthat the invaders will arrange a second Mariupol in Kharkov.

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