Prosecutor General Kostin conducts personnel purges – who will lose their chair

According to the source ZN.UA in the Office of the Prosecutor General, he will definitely remain in the position of deputy Alexey Simonenko. He briefly replaced Irina Venediktova as acting director. Simonenko remains in the structure thanks to his old merits and supervision of the deputy head of the OPU Tatarov.

The first deputy of ex-Prosecutor General Venediktova will lose his post Roman Govda. And the decision on Maxim Yakubovsky – until it hung. In September, Yakubovsky will retire and, according to the source, he has a chance to leave the high post of Deputy Prosecutor General for her.

Bye Andrey Kostin, approved by the parliament for his post last week, fills in the checkerboard for his inner circle, an important letter has already been sent to a number of regional departments of the prosecutor’s office. The document was signed by the head of the department for the prevention of offenses in the prosecutor’s office, who headed the commission for the internal investigation.

The letter unambiguously informs that by order of the Prosecutor General dated 01.08.2002 No. 143, an internal investigation was appointed to verify the involvement of prosecutors of the prosecutor’s offices of Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kyiv, Luhansk, Nikolaev, Sumy, Kharkov, Kherson and Chernihiv regions in the implementation of actions that discredit the title prosecutor and may raise doubts about his objectivity, honesty, independence and integrity.

During the investigation, the commission intends to get to the bottom of the reasons that contributed to such consequences. The letter does not talk about collaborators and traitors, which is actively talked about in the depths of power after the departure of Venediktova, who allegedly failed to cope with this task. But the list contains areas that were directly in contact with the war.

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