Pro-Ukrainian leaflets spotted in occupied Genichesk (photo) – UNIAN

Residents of Genichesk reminded the invaders that this is a Ukrainian city.

In the Kherson region, people oppose

In occupied Genichesk (Kherson region) local partisans reminded the Russians that this is a Ukrainian city, so they have no chance of holding a pseudo-referendum.

Relevant Frames made public one of the Kherson Telegram channels.

“Genichesk is Ukraine! Every day we receive dozens of new stories from Genichesk from the Yellow Tape activists. From the inscriptions on the fences “Genichesk is Ukraine!”, which the Rashists tried to sketch, to posters at the bus stops of the city! We do not give up! We believe in Armed Forces of Ukraine! Together to victory!”

As UNIAN reported, the SBU has already identified all involved to the preparation of a pseudo-referendum in the Kherson region.

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