Polish Crab vs German PzH 2000: Zhdanov compared these self-propelled guns

The expert says that both self-propelled guns are approximately the same in terms of their performance characteristics.

Ukrainian military expert Oleg Zhdanov was asked to compare two self-propelled guns – the Polish “Crab” and PzH 2000. He says that they are approximately the same in terms of their tactical and technical characteristics.

“As I understand it, the barrel is very close. Both barrels are 155 millimeters, both barrels are 52 calibers long, and this affects the firing range and the initial speed of the ammunition. Both self-propelled guns have a caterpillar base,” he said on the air of the FreeDom project.

Zhdanov continued that the Polish “Crab” had a British self-propelled gun turret. The German self-propelled guns, in principle, are all made in Germany, but the barrel is similar, so the firing range of the “Crab” is 30-40 km, and that of the German PzH 2000 is 30-50 km, and with an active-rocket projectile – 67 km.

The ammunition is basically the same, because the caliber is the same. But the powder charge is different, because of this, the difference in firing range is obtained.

“The cruising range in terms of fuel, respectively, is 400 km for the Crab and 420 for the PzH 2000. That is, 20 kilometers is just a difference here. Well, in terms of the engine: the German howitzer has 1000 horsepower, the Polish one has 800,” the military said expert.

Both howitzers have a semi-automatic loader, the crew is the same – five people. The “Crab” is a little lighter – it is 48 tons, and the German howitzer weighs 55 tons, hence the difference in engine power. The rate of fire is declared six rounds per minute, the German howitzer has a maximum of 10.

“Almost the same. The German one is a little more powerful, but, you see, our German one did not show itself very well in terms of technical serviceability, it turned out to be very gentle and capricious in the field and in conditions of active hostilities,” Zhdanov summed up.

Recall that the first 18 howitzers “Crab” were delivered from Poland to Ukraine – as part of military support – in May. This technique was transferred from the means of the Polish army. SAU AHS Krab (SAU “Krab”) is a modern self-propelled howitzer, which is placed on a tracked chassis and has a turret layout.

Transfer howitzers PzH 2000 Germany and the Netherlands agreed to Ukraine.

The PzH 2000 self-propelled guns are made in the NATO-standard 155 mm caliber. This combination is now recognized as the classic and most successful, and on average gives a conventional projectile range of about 30 km. But PzH 2000 has much better results. An ordinary projectile fired from this German self-propelled gun travels from 30 to 36 km.

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