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He also told in which case Putin could attack Poland and the Baltic countries.

Poland can take over air defense over Western Ukraine / photo

If Russia continues shelling border with Poland regions of Ukraine, then Warsaw can take over the air defense over the western regions.

This was stated by Brigadier General, ex-head of the National Security Bureau of Poland Stanislav Kozei in an interview. Onet.

Speaking about the technical equipment of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, the Polish general noted that compared to the beginning of the war, Ukrainians have a lot of modern military equipment from the West. The Russians lose in this case, because they rely on outdated, Soviet or post-Soviet equipment. However, quantitatively, obviously, the Russian Federation still poses a serious threat.

Describing the situation with air security in Ukraine, Kozey suggested the possibility of missile defense in the western regions, given the proximity of missile strikes to the Polish border.

“We have arguments in order to provide preventive insurance and inform Russia about it. If it does not stop attacking our border with long-range missiles, then from day to day we can introduce missile defense over Western Ukraine,” said the former head of the BNBO of Poland .

He stressed that Russia had already lost the war on a political and strategic level. At the same time, he has no doubt that Russia will leave the Russian Federation in Ukraine clearly weakened.

Its strategic capabilities will decrease, its positions in the international arena will deteriorate significantly, and the standard of living of Russians will fall significantly. In this sense, we can say that Russia is losing this war,” Kozei said.

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Kozey also noted the importance of the battle for Donbass.

“Its outcome could be decisive for the future of Ukraine, as well as for the Baltic countries and Poland. A potential attack by Putin’s troops on Poland and the Baltic countries is not a political fiction, a very likely situation that could arise. But only if the Russian Federation The Kremlin sees victory in this way: victory in the Donbas, a successful attack on Odessa, the conquest of the entire south, the removal of Zelensky and the installation of a pro-Russian government (modeled on Lukashenko) If the Russian Federation succeeded, it would be a very dangerous situation. On the wave of euphoria about the victory, the Russian people will more stubbornly bear the burdens associated, in particular, with sanctions, and will be ready to “finish off the West,” says Kozei.

As UNIAN previously reported, February 24 Russia began bombing Ukrainian cities. The civilian population of Ukraine is dying en masse. As a result, the Russian ruble “fell to the bottom” due to multiple sanctions, including restrictions on the currency, and breaks in trade ties.

In this regard, the allies of Ukraine began to actively help both in the humanitarian and military spheres. Poland became one of the most active assistants in the fight against the invaders.

So, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda today, June 8, began a tour of European countries to support Ukraine’s integration into the EU. First he was to go to Portugal, then visit Italy and Romania. According to him, Warsaw sent more than 240 tanks to Kyiv and almost 100 armored vehicles as part of military assistance.

In turn, Moscow is trying to worsen relations between Ukraine and Poland by spreading fakes. Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev said that Warsaw allegedly proceeds to seize territories in western Ukraine.

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov reiterated capture of Ukrainian territory by Poland.

“Poland and those leaders who allow such maxims should probably be advised to study history, their own history and those events that underlie Polish history. So far, we see that, behind the talk about the inadmissibility of dialogue with Russia, Polish colleagues are starting to actively develop Ukrainian territory,” the diplomat said.

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