“Pitchfork on the water” and “louder” deeds of the elk “. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the State Duma appreciated the reports of the confiscation of the housing of a communist in Germany

The Munich prosecutor’s office announced the confiscation of the property of a Russian State Duma deputy, but did not name his last name. Later, the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, citing sources clarifiedthat the deputy is a member of the Communist Party faction. According to the publication “Agency”, we are talking about the communist Roman Lyabikhov. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation told RTVI that they would not deal with this issue until any confirmation. At the same time, the State Duma itself admitted that if the information provided by the media is confirmed, then the deputy may lose his mandate.

Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov

Alexander Ryumin / TASS

let me figure it out [в ситуации]. Figure out [сначала] necessary.

Member of the Presidium, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergei Obukhov

All this is written with a pitchfork on the water. We find many of these. They also recently found something with me, and then it turned out that this was not the same Obukhov. If there is any official information, then it will be possible to check something. And we will not check these rumors in the spirit of “one woman said”

Head of the press service of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Alexander Yushchenko

In these publications, the key word is “sort of”. We proceed from legal norms. Lyabikhov Deputy of the State Duma. Before being elected, he submitted a declaration, which the Central Election Commission studied inside and out. And not on the basis of publications in Telegram channels or Western media, but on the basis of official requests to the federal tax, migration services, security services, and so on.

Lyabikhov passed the test, there were no questions from the CEC to him. And so he was able to become a State Duma deputy. After some time, this information about the confiscation appeared, that supposedly someone had property there, or matchmakers, brothers, and so on. This is a manipulation story.

Before the election of deputies, Lyabikhov was engaged in business and his funds, relatives could receive assets. But being a deputy, he got rid, according to the law, of all extra bills. If he has real estate, he would definitely declare it.

I talked to him. He said that he declared and indicated everything. It is not clear to whom these apartments could be recorded. – maybe some kind of girlfriend, ex, for example. Maybe a relative, a half-relative. He doesn’t know this question himself. But from a legal point of view, there are no questions for Lyabikhov. Everything that is not indicated in the declaration has nothing to do with Roman Lyabikhov specifically.

State Duma deputy (LDPR), member of the commission on parliamentary ethics Sergey Leonov

Technically it looks like this. Deputies submit declarations every year, the relevant commission checks them. The document must contain reliable data on income, property, and so on, the necessary norms are spelled out in federal law. Declarations are usually checked for the validity of the data.

Press Service of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

And if it really turns out that some deputy has official property abroad, but he did not declare it, then an audit should be carried out by the prosecutor’s office or the TFR. But for this, law enforcement agencies must receive a request, an appeal. And even if this information is confirmed, the State Duma can conduct its own check, after which the issue of depriving the deputy of his powers can be considered.

Now usually they are deprived of a mandate in three cases. First it is death. Second this is a criminal case [против депутата]as it was, for example, with [членом ЦК КПРФ Валерием] Rashkin. Third – incapacity [парламентария].

I think that this situation will be dealt with, because it caused a certain public outcry. In the State Duma, most likely, this will be done by the commission on regulations and, most likely, the commission on deputy ethics. But first, a request must be submitted to law enforcement agencies, either from the State Duma or from an individual, because the State Duma itself does not have the right to check.

From myself, I note that I think unacceptable and unpatriotic concealment of the fact of having real estate abroad. Especially right now in conditions of sanctions pressure and a difficult attitude towards our country on the part of Western countries. If someone wants to live abroad or have a house there, then in the State Duma, as it seems to me, there is simply no place for him. In my opinion, the patriots of their country should buy houses here if they want to work in Russia and have their children live here.

It seems to me that this whole story will be even louder than the case with the moose. [дело Рашкина]. The President, by the way, recently spoke about this: “Everything is in the house,” and the people negatively evaluate all these stories with foreign property. Yes, and we need to support domestic developers.

The story of the confiscation of property of a Russian in Munich

On June 20, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, citing prosecutor Ann Leiding, reported that three apartments of a State Duma deputy who was under EU sanctions due to participating in the vote on recognition of the LDNR were confiscated in Munich. By versions investigation, the owner, whose name is not known, rented out the apartment and received a monthly income of 3.5 thousand euros.

The bank account of the Russian will also be frozen, the prosecutor’s office noted. At the same time, no one will be expelled from the apartments, just the payment will go to the state treasury. Previously, Germany did not resort to such measures, only yachts were confiscated.

By data “Agency”, the member of the Communist Party faction Roman Lyabikhov turned out to be a deputy, and the apartments were also recorded on his wife Elena Kuznetsova, who is a trustee in Lyabikhov’s Spetsstroy company. The spouses did not answer the calls of the Agency journalists.

In 2014, running for the Moscow City Duma, Lyabikhov indicated in a declaration that he and his wife own an apartment and a parking space in Germany, the newspaper notes. At the same time, in the declaration for 2021 (when Lyabikhov was already a State Duma deputy), only real estate in Russia and the United Arab Emirates (without mentioning Germany) is indicated.

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