Piontkovsky explained the Kremlin’s recent decision for propaganda – UNIAN

The war against Ukraine is proposed to be covered from the point of view of religion.

Russian propaganda is trying to hide the failures of the Russian army in Ukraine / REUTERS

The Kremlin authorities, due to military failures in Ukraine, are forced to come up with various nonsense to divert attention Russians.

This opinion was expressed channel 24 Russian publicist and politician Andrei Piontkovsky. Thus, he commented on the media reports about new “manuals” for collaborators and traitors on the topic of the war in Ukraine.

As you know, the new temniks prescribe coverage of the war from the point of view of religion and “call” Ukrainians atheists and satanists. According to Piontkovsky, this was invented out of banal desperation. The Kremlin is trying to cloud the head of the Russians even more so that they do not think about the losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

“This is from the same series as ‘China will help us.’ These temniks demonstrate how desperate they are,” Piontkovsky notes.

As UNIAN previously reported, Russian propagandists prepared a specialized edition 14 pages for supporters of the “Russian world” in Ukraine: “A guide for the citizens of Ukraine on organizing resistance to the Kyiv puppet government.”

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