Pilot-“Wagnerian” spoke about the bombing of Ukraine and bonuses for “performance” (video)

The captured occupier convinces that he allegedly flew only to attack the concentration of Ukrainian defense forces.


The Security Service of Ukraine has interrogated a Wagnerian pilot shot down near Svetlodarsk by a Su-25. The mercenary managed to fight in Ukraine for three days, and then he was captured.

The video of the interrogation of Major Andrei Fedorchukov was published by the SBU.

The occupant said that he made the first flight on June 14, and on the 17th he was captured. Fedorchukov justifies himself by saying that he received orders only to “deliver strikes on strongholds, accumulate manpower and enemy forces.”

Investigative: Did you understand that you would also kill civilians?

Pilot: Well, there were no problems regarding the civilian population. We work exclusively on visual visibility and on strong points.

Investigative Who is bombing our cities?

Pilot: We have a lot of means to strike … Indeed, I probably did not receive enough information about what is happening here. I spoke with the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, saw many photos taken during the hostilities and I understand that many civilians, children, women are dying … I think that this is a wrong war, unnecessary. I repent that I participated. If it was a war between two armies, this is one situation. But many civilians are dying – it’s not worth it.

According to the invader, he made 1-2 sorties daily. Fedorchukov added that other mercenaries, and not professional pilots of the RF Armed Forces, also fly Russian fighters worth more than 10 million US dollars.

For the bombing of Ukraine, the mercenary was supposed to receive from 200 thousand rubles a month. Additional bonuses were promised for the “performance” of the sorties.

As UNIAN reported, on June 18, the Ukrainian military shot down Russian attack aircraft Su-25 near Svetlodarsk, Donetsk region. The Wagnerian pilot was taken prisoner.

Su-25 attack aircraft – a trophy of the soldiers of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade named after the Black Cossacks. He was landed by a shot from the Igla portable anti-aircraft missile system.

Ukrainian defenders managed to capture Russian pilot Andrey Fedorchukov. During interrogation, he confessed to being a mercenary for Wagner’s private military company.

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For participation in the war against Ukraine, Fedorchukov received 205 thousand rubles a month. On June 18, he received an order to attack a stronghold of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Earlier, the pilot flew to the bombing of Ukrainian cities.

appeared in the morning first video pilot’s testimony. The occupier assured that he had rethought his position regarding the war.

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