Peskov – about the investigation about “Putin’s cooperative”

“Another concoction” and “nonsense” – this is how Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on an investigation published by Meduza* about a cooperative that allegedly earns money for Vladimir Putin. According to a Kremlin spokesman, the head of state “has nothing to do with this.”

Peskov admitted that the “group of researchers” who conducted the investigation “did send inquiries.”

“We told them that this is all nonsense, and, naturally, the Russian president has nothing to do with this, it looks like just another informational concoction,” said Vladimir Putin’s press secretary (quoted from RIA News).

The investigation was based on a comparison of data on assets that other investigators attributed to the president, but then other persons were called their owners (for example, as in the case of the palace in Gelendzhik and Arkady Rotenberg). The Meduza publication* states that the companies to which these assets are registered are served by the same IT infrastructure – in particular, they use the domain.

After studying other companies that use the same domain, the authors of the material concluded that “a group of people close to Putin” during his work in the St. Petersburg mayor’s office in the 1990s, formed a kind of “cooperative”, whose members, probably exchanging property and services.” The publication* estimated the total value of the assets at the disposal of this “cooperative” at $4.5 billion.

Rising unemployment

According to Dmitry Peskov, one of the critical indicators of macroeconomic stability is employment, so the President of Russia pays special attention to preventing the growth of unemployment – more precisely, “keep it at the required level.”

The Kremlin spokesman admitted that there are “similar problems” in the country (with employment), and the authorities are aware of the closure of some organizations or the transfer of their employees to part-time employment.

Former head of the Russian Ministry of Labor Anton Kotyakov informedthat in the period from March 1 to June 1, 2022, about 660-680 thousand unemployed were registered in the employment centers of the regions of the country. According to him, this is a low figure for the Russian economy, but in June there was an increase in unemployment (however, the minister did not indicate specific figures).

“The situation is just beginning. So far, everything has been normal with employment, ”Peskov answered the question of journalists about whether the measures taken by the authorities would be enough to curb the growth of unemployment. According to him, “this topic is among the priorities of the government.”

Negotiations with Kyiv

Kyiv has made no attempt to reach an agreement with Moscow on the resumption of the negotiation process after the visit to Ukraine by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and French President Emmanuel Macron, who, as media reported, asked Volodymyr Zelensky “negotiate with Moscow.” This was stated by Putin’s press secretary, answering the question of journalists about whether the European leaders influenced the position of the Ukrainian colleague.

“No, it wasn’t,” Dmitry Peskov said when asked if there were any moves on the part of Kyiv to resume the dialogue.

Nobel medal Muratov

The act of the editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta Dmitry Muratov, who sold his $103.5 million Nobel Peace Prize medal to donate the proceeds to help Ukrainian refugees is welcome. This is how the press secretary of the Russian president commented on the results of the auction.

“Any contribution to this (assistance to refugees) can only be welcomed,” Peskov stressed.

The auction, which was held by the American auction house Heritage Auctions, started on International Children’s Day on June 1 and ended on World Refugee Day on June 20. Muratov announced in advance that all funds received from the sale of the medal would go to the UNICEF mission, which helps Ukrainian refugee children.

* Recognized by the media as a foreign agent.

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