Pensions in Ukraine 2022 – who and when can retire early

Certain categories of citizens in Ukraine can retire early. The main thing is to fulfill all the necessary conditions provided for by law.

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An old-age pension can be assigned ahead of schedule in the event of a job loss, reminds Social information platform. But only if the following conditions are met:

  • you were fired at the initiative of the owner or a body authorized by him in connection with a reduction in the staff or in connection with the liquidation, reorganization, bankruptcy of the enterprise;
  • as of the day of dismissal, you have no more than one and a half years left before reaching retirement age (60 years);
  • you have registered with the public employment service, but there is no suitable job for you;
  • your insurance experience: for women – 30 years, for men – 35 years.

Also, early retirement is possible in connection with the identification of an employee’s inconsistency with his position for health reasons.

Early retirement for parents of seriously ill children

After changes in pension legislation, the right received early retirement parents whose children are sick with serious, rare diseases, who have not been diagnosed with a disability, and who raised them until they reach the age of six.

The pension is calculated:

  • mothers of seriously ill children after reaching the age of 50 and with at least 15 years of insurance experience;
  • the father of the child at the choice of the mother or in case of her absence after he reaches 55 years of age and if he has at least 20 years of insurance experience.

Early retirement for combatants

According to the current legislation, combatants are entitled to early retirement.
Mandatory conditions:

  • achievement by men of 55 years, women – 50 years;
  • insurance experience of at least 25 years for men and at least 20 years for women.

In addition to pensions, combatants receive from the state:

  • increase in the amount of 25% of the subsistence minimum for those who have lost their ability to work;
  • targeted financial assistance for living (40 hryvnia);
  • monthly state targeted assistance in the amount that is not enough to the minimum pension payment – 210% of the subsistence minimum for those who have lost their ability to work.

Early retirement for railroad workers

Pension Fund of Ukraine remindsthat some employees of railway transport who directly organize transportation and ensure traffic safety in railway transport can also get a well-deserved rest ahead of time.

All specialties falling under this category are included in the “List of professions and positions of working locomotive brigades and certain categories of workers.”

The following conditions must also be met:

  • achievement by the employee of the age of 55 years;
  • availability of insurance experience on the date of entry into force of the Law of Ukraine dated 03.10.2017 No. 2148-VIII “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Increasing Pensions” (date of entry into force 11.10.2017) – 26 years 6 months, of which at least 12 years 6 months at work in organizing transportation and ensuring traffic safety in railway transport;
  • dismissal from a position giving the right to retire on a seniority basis.

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