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Foreign Ministers of the G7 countries issued a joint statement on the aggravation of the situation around Taiwan, in which they indicated that Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei – not a reason for aggression.

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Statement made on behalf of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States and the High Representative of the European Union.

“We reaffirm our common commitment to maintaining the rules-based international order, peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and beyond,” the document said.

The G7 countries note that they are concerned about “the threatening actions of the People’s Republic of China, especially live-fire exercises and economic pressure measures, which could lead to unnecessary escalation.”

They think there’s no reason”use the visit as an excuse for aggressive hostilities”, since “for the legislators of our countries, traveling abroad is normal and habitual”.

The G7 Foreign Ministers urge China not to try to change the current situation by force, but to resolve differences peacefully. They insist that “there is no change in China’s policy and the fundamental positions of the G7 members on Taiwan.”

REFERENCE. The Republic of China (Taiwan) is a state recognized by 17 countries, Ukraine de jure considers it a part of the PRC. Before being defeated by the communist regime of Mao Zedong in the civil war, it controlled the entire territory of China. Since 1949, it has controlled only Taiwan and a few small islands. The PRC considers Taiwan its province and declares its desire for “peaceful reunification.” Taiwan says it is ready to offer armed resistance if invaded.

President of the U.S.A Joe Biden declared in May that Washington engages the armyif China tries to take over Taiwan by force. “We support the One China policy, but that doesn’t mean that China has, excuse me, jurisdiction to use force to seize Taiwan,” he explained Washington’s position.

  • On August 2, 2022, Nancy Pelosi’s plane, followed by about 800,000 people on a civilian aircraft tracker, amid apocalyptic forecasts (“China will shoot down the plane, World War III will begin”) landed in Taipei.
  • Beijing condemned visit and began large-scale military exercises near the island.
  • The White House noted that China’s reaction to Pelosi’s visit was “more moderate than expected”.
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