Pelosi to Taiwan – China is preparing to encircle the island.

China’s People’s Liberation Army to hold new military exercises amid visit of Speaker of the Lower House of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi. The exercises are announced for August 4-7, Pelosi should fly out on the 3rd.

“The Chinese army will conduct important military exercises and training, including live firing exercises, in six regions around the island of Taiwan”– reports Global Times.

State Agency “Xinhua” published the coordinates of six exercise sites, their location indicates that the island will actually be encircled. This is what the map will look like:

“For security reasons, ships and aircraft are prohibited from entering the specified sea areas and airspace“, – is added in the message

Meanwhile, the state agency CCTV released a video of active preparations for the exercise, which is due to begin in two days.

The United States, in response to China’s military activity, is strengthening its grouping of ships in the Philippine Sea.

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