Pelosi in Taiwan – Xi Jinping criticizes US over congresswoman’s visit

Leader of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping criticized US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The politician believes that such actions are another provocation by the United States in order to undermine the situation in the troubled region. Chinese state television reports. CCTV.

Speaking to reporters, Xi Jinping said he considered Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan unacceptable and called the US “imperialists.”

“Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is yet another demonstration of the imperialists’ uncivilized campaign. We continue to look at the world with wide eyes and will not allow any provocation from American reactionaries.”– said the leader of the Communist Party of China.

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Recall that the day before the plane with Nancy Pelosi on board arrived in Taiwan escorted by American aircraft carriers and fighters. Such security measures were due to the fact that China sent his fighters, bombers and warships for training near Taiwan, justifying this with “numerous wrong signals” from the United States.

She herself spoke in more detail about the goals of Nancy Pelosi’s diplomatic visit to Taiwan. in a Washington Post specialthe translation of which was prepared for you by the editor ZN.UA.

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