Payments for migrants: what has changed since August 1

Ukrainians who will leave their homes and become internally displaced persons, the state and international organizations provide financial assistance. To receive assistance, you must first obtain IDP status.

What payments will IDPs receive in August

Ministry of Economy since March 2022 introduced monthly allowance for internally displaced persons

To receive it, Ukrainians must confirm the fact of internal displacement by registering as an IDP. You can do this online or offline:

  • by contacting the TsNAP, the social protection authority of the population or representatives of local authorities (in person);
  • by applying for IDP status through the Diya application (online).

Monetary state monthly assistance for IDPs is:

  • UAH 2,000 for persons over 18;
  • 3000 UAH for children and persons with disabilities.
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What will change from August 1 for IDPs

There are no special changes for IDP payments from August 1, 2022. IDPs will continue to receive cash payments from the state.

If in March and April 2022 all registered IDPs received them, then since May the rules have changed.

Government restricted categories of Ukrainians receiving financial assistance. These changes will continue in August.

In August 2022, payments from the state will receive:

  • citizens displaced from the territory where active hostilities are taking place;
  • IDPs whose housing was destroyed or damaged.

It should be noted that when Ukrainians with IDP status returned home, they also stop receiving payments.

Also in August continues to operate list of communities, migrants from which receive payments. In total, there are now eight regions and 300 communities on the list. Thus, all IDPs displaced from these communities are guaranteed to receive payments.

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International assistance for IDPs

Nothing has changed in the rules for receiving benefits from international organizations. In August, IDPs will also be able to apply for international payments. And those who have already sent an application that they have agreed upon will continue to receive them.

In particular, IDPs can receive additional assistance from various funds: UN, Mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross, International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).

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